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Classic/Exotic Memorial Day Car Parade

We have noticed many of our VE neighbors have classic cars hidden away in their garages. Let’s get them out and do something different on Memorial Day (while practicing social distancing).  If you have an older vehicle or perhaps a really cool exotic vehicle and would like to show it off, let’s meet at the parking lot behind Fort Bend Real Estate, at the entrance to Savoy street at 4:45 Monday May 25th.  We will start the parade promptly at 5 pm and go down every street. I urge all neighbors not participating in the parade to come out in your front yards and wave your American flags to show support for all of our veterans and first responders.  Any questions please contact Tom Tannahill at

Boater's Reminder

Under 2.23 Rules of the Lake

Section 8-21   

B. Boats

#6 Watercraft operated between 1/2 hour after sunset and sunrise (non-daylight hours) must use running lights strong enough to be visible from other boats and from the shoreline.  They may not use spotlights which would disturb residents in their homes.

Barking Dogs 

There have been a number of complaints regarding barking dogs. Please be considerate of your neighbors. The sound carries much farther than your own backyard over the water. Quiet and peacefulness is one of the reasons we all moved here. 

Remember To Put Your Lights On

When the sun dips below the horizon while boating on the lake, please be sure to have your lights on; the only lights that should be visible to other boats are the red and green lights and the white stern or masthead light. 

Storm Water Drains

Please be aware all our storm water drains back to the lake. 

A Note About Yard Debris

Please don’t blow trash, leaves or branches down the storm drains, as it can cause backups to our streets. If your street drains happen to be clogged, call the following: